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In 2005, Established as a loan service provider in Ahmedabad, Gujarat we have shaped ourselves a well recognized, trusted brand in Ahmedabad and in Gujarat thanks to our pioneering way of providing best in class services. (A unit of Jain Finserve Pvt. Ltd.) is an innovative way to compile traditional loan procedure, and current generations demand for less time consuming, fast, reliable service in different loan segment. “Customer first” and “Customer obsession” has always been core pillar of our business model which reflects in our testimonial from our valuable customers. Our expertise in dealing with financial institutes and banks has made us a “must consider” place to visit before shopping for any type of loans. Whether you looking for Mortgage Loan, Home Loan, Business Loan, Loan Against Property, personal loan or any other type of loan then you must have to try


Mortgage loan is valuable loans because of its long tenure repayment, cheap interest rate, higher loan amount, interest deduction in income tax return, part re - payment facility with nil charges (up to 25% of outstanding loan amount once in a financial year) and many more big benefits. Mortgage loan is availed to grow business, renovation home, and medical expenses, reduce debts of unsecured loans, etc. Mortgage loans criteria are very different for all banks and for all NBFC. Nationalized banks give maximum 55% (not including SME or project loan) of Market value. Beside Multinational banks do up to 65% of Market value. And NBFC goes up to 75% of market value. Rate of interest are differ as per bank. Mortgage loans are offered for small tenure to long tenure. You can avail it by your financial capacity and your age limit for 5 years to 15 years. You can also restructure your mortgage loan by doing part payment or extra payment. Both two option are always open for your loan firstly to reconstruct you loan tenor or secondly reconstruct your EMI. After 12 EMI every banks and NBFC offers top up loan as per market value and as per financial capacity. Mortgage loan is offered floating rate scheme. There is some condition applied by some banks and NBFC for pre closure of mortgage loan. If you prepay loan by your own fund then there is 2% penalty but if you takeover it to other financial institution then it will takes penalty of 2% extra. It depends on company’s internal policy.



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